Love What You
See in the Mirror

Let us take care of your eyebrow waxing and lash lifting at our salon in Wappingers Falls, NY

Many of us have aspects of our appearance that we wish were just a little bit different. Maybe you find your eyebrows to be unruly, or maybe coffee and red wine have yellowed your teeth slightly. Instead of feeling insecure about these minor issues, you should visit Lash & Bronze based in Wappingers Falls, NY.

We aren't just a teeth whitening salon; we also offer eyelash tinting, eyebrow waxing and lash lifting services. Book an appointment today to feel better about the way you look.

Make sure all the little details are in order

You can find plenty of professional beauty services at our lash extension and teeth whitening salon. Here are just a few:




  • Teeth whitening, single session: $99
  • Teeth whitening, double session: $149
  • Waxing, brow: $30
  • Waxing, lip: $15 - Cash, $18 - Credit
  • Waxing, chin: $15 - Cash, $18 - Credit
  • Waxing, lip and chin package: $25 - Cash, $28 - Credit
  • Waxing, sideburns: $15 - Cash, $18 - Credit
  • Bikini Wax, Line $40
  • Bikini Wax $49
  • Brazilian Wax $58dr
  • Arm Wax - Full $40 Half $35
  • Back Wax - Full $62 Lower $20
  • Chest wax - Full $32
  • Leg wax - Full $71 Lower $43 Upper $45
  • Underarms $23
  • Shoulder wax $28
  • Stomach wax - Full $31
















Whenever you need eyebrow waxing, you can count on us to make your brows look picture-perfect. Stop by today for your appointment.





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